Good Newses

2007-08-07 01:27:35 by rockymike

It's been a good past week. I'll review.

I got a new job. I'll be an ad designer at a small town newspaper (kinda what I was doing before, just in a place that ACTUALLY reports the news.) It starts Monday. I'll be car pooling with my wife, who just recently got a job at a radio station as an office manager and as a fill-in DJ. She co-hosted the morning show last Friday and it was freakin awesome. She even mentioned me a few times.

Nextly, a few of my free-lance projects are finishing up. The biggest being a 40 page festival guide. It was a lot of stress to get completed but it was a sweet $800 I got in the end.

I'm going out to Fairmont, WV in a few weeks to do the voice work for the last F.U. short of the year, F.U.: Antiheroes. This is my personal favorite of all the episodes this year, and what's more, it happens to be our Halloween entry for this year. Our strategy is to have it done by the time the Halloween page goes up. That way, we'll be the first Halloween submission out of the box. WooT for extra exposure.

Lastly, the Smokes project is on the back burner for now. It may be released eventually as an afterthought. I'm working on a new flash series tentatively titled Specter Street. It deals with a lot of themes I'm interested in, such as life, death, existence as a whole and the spiritual realm. It has to do with a fellow who has to travel 30 years in the past to find the man who killed him in the present. Once he finds him he has to prevent the event that causes him to turn into a killer. Development is in the early stages, but I feel it is something that can be worked up well.

I'm also novelizing a project we originally wanted to do as a graphic novel. It was an idea that Luke had originally that I took and developed. We, more or less, separated from the project when we couldn't agree on the ending. I took the dark approach, I want you to know. We called it Angel Clip in the beginning, but as the full story is being developed I think I'd rather go with the title The Fisher's of Men.

Finally, our website is almost ready to go. It's just a matter of adding content. Kudos to D for making it possible.


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2007-08-07 04:36:44

Well gongrats on the job. Sounds pretty good, the stuff that is coming out.