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Posted by rockymike - January 28th, 2009

Perpetual Workday did well. I am ecstatic, as are those who helped with the series.

I follow my own stats closely. This is the highest scoring entry I've had right out out of the portal. It already is the second most favorited submission, second only to the original F.U. It is also my highest viewed entry in almost two years. Needless to say, I've deemed it a success.

That being said, the script to the sequel has already been written, in fact, it was written the day after the original script was written. I find it to be 10 times funnier than the first, but it does pose some challenges.

First of all, there is no Viking Bob. This was due to the fact that Viking Bob was meant to be a one time character. The reason being that I wrote the part with the intention of Egoraptor doing to part. He declined (I assumed he did every voice, ever) citing that he was busy and obviously protecting his own street cred. My producer, Luke Hersey, got a co worker of his to fill in for the part and far exceeded my expectations.

So obviously there needs to be Viking Bob. He's what made the first one great and I feel fans of the first would be disappointed if he were not in this one. I will ultimately find a way to work him back in.

Second, no Snowfender. She did an amazing job as the part of Jennifer Sing. I had originally written the part for my wife, Traci, but eventually had her to the part of the annoying caller instead. She's not in the next part either, and I feel she needs to, and deserves to be. So I will work her in as well.

Moose, who plays Barry, does return in the second part, but has just as small a role as the first. I may not flesh him out in this one, but I'll likely give him a bigger role when I write part three (as I intend to).

I'm going to begin production next week on what a call tentatively Perpetual Workday: Tuesday.

I expect to have it out in April.

Comments (2)

would i be able to snag a part? cuz that would be awesome

It would be possible. Can you a gruff Batman-like voice?

Awesome job with the animation. I definitely didn't expect it to be a full length episode, more like a short skit. It came out amazing and I'm so glad to be a part of it.

I'm definitely on board for the next episode, and if you need more voices, just let me know.