...and now I'm discouraged.

2007-07-24 01:41:01 by rockymike

With the release of Deathday, there is one more F.U. episode left. F.U.: Antiheroes.

I'm frightened by the lackluster performance of Deathday, but it hasn't got me down too bad. Of all the scripts we've done this year, I think this one was the weakest.

Coming in October, I think Antiheroes is the champion of them all. Not only that, I think it's the best one I've written to date. I will begin production on it in August. The execution has to be perfect so that it can be a competitor in the Halloween competition.

Check of Deathday, even though it's sucking up the portal.


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2007-07-25 02:09:38

It wasnt all that bad. Not the best but still isn't all that bad. But if there is only one more episode, is the series ending?

rockymike responds:

One more episode this year. After that we are working hardcore on F.U.3 which is an action-packed episode that will be seven parts long and run (all the way through) about 45 minutes. It'll take us a good part of this year and next to get it done.

And really after that, it depends on its success whether or not the series continues. Personally, I have several more episode ideas in the works, so I may do them too at some point.


2007-07-25 13:51:29

I thought deathday was kinda good, I mean sure it wasn't as good as the other ones, but yet still something worth watching. Can't wait till fu 3, your collabs are really good, keep up the good work man.

rockymike responds:

Once October hits, F.U.3 will be my top priority until it is completed. I get excited just thinking about it.
Thanks for the response.


2007-07-26 01:17:51

Gasp! 45 minutes?! Wow, you really aim high and that's a good thing. Woah. 45 mimutes of FU goodness, I can't wait.I'll be damn sure to catch it on the Portal when it comes out.