F.U.: New Horizons Out Now!

2015-07-08 00:29:27 by rockymike

Hey guys!

10 years ago was the release of the original F.U.! To celebrate, I just submitted a new episode (at the exact same time 10 years ago even). This is the first original F.U. episode since 2008's bombing of F.U.3, and my first submission since 2010.

If Newgrounds has used the same permalink number counter his entire time, there have been 410,410 submitted in these 10 years. Well done, everyone!

Originally we wanted to do a clip show, where each of the three core cast members picked their 10 favorite moments from the series. We had a list together, but realized soon after that production wasn't feasable as the different episodes were produced at different frame rates, and combining them into one file would be a pain.

Thank you all for your support! It was your kind words and encouragement that helped us to produce these videos. Your harsh words were also interesting.


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