Deleted Videos

2017-03-18 19:49:27 by rockymike

Been a while since I've stopped by, but I noticed that the moderation team took down some of my videos – some of which have been on here for over a decade, including F.U.

My guess is that it was a crackdown on copyrighted music, though many of my older ones still contain such music. I would have guess that it was the popular ones that were targeted too, but one of them spared would be in violation and has 35,000 views. So what gives? I never even received an email notification that they were taken down.

I still have the .fla files (yes, some from 14 years ago) so I'd be willing to change the music and re-upload them if I knew for sure it is becuase of the music.

The quialty of people's videos has advanced so much that I wonder if those older videos would even pass through the modern portal.


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2017-03-19 05:39:39

You should pm TomFulp. It most likely was the copyrighted music. Tom's a swell guy tho if you pm him nicely I'm sure you can work it out with him


2017-03-19 17:53:25

I'll PM you about getting them back on-line.